Hydromassage shower Alekseeva ekonom

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Hydromassage shower Alekseeva ekonom
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Description of Hydromassage shower Alekseeva ekonom

It will redeem you from osteochondritis, varix, cellulitis, fatigue, vegetative dystonia and many other illnesses, which are combined with stress, distress, and hypodinamia.


1. Shower Alekseeva assembled – 1 PC., with installed grid with 19 holes;
2. Sanitary napkin – 2 PCs. (is a bonus);

There is a common worldwide shower.
There are hydro massaging shower attachments -
cheap or ve-e-ery expensive.
There is a professional shower – Sharco, circular, Scottish, fan…
And there is «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower).
Using simple comparison - common shower is a simple counter.
Professional shower is a calculator,
and «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) is a computer.
And something more perfect could hardly ever appear, if only using the basis of «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower)..


During the creation of the hydro massager «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) was used
a new technology of making venting apertures. 
An exclusive feature of «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) is a special conoidal form of nozzles (not cylindrical, like any other common shower, and not conical, but a special calculated one, with a complex geometry). Inlet diameter is 5 mm, outlet diameter is 0,6–0,8 mm. 
They are ideal transformers of water pressure energy (in a water supply system) into a kinetic energy of the jet, which flows from the shower. 
Water jets of submilimeter size and special "behavior" are shaped. They do not impregnate with the air on the distance of 50 sm. And after that they transform into microscopical drop structures (they continue moving as jets for 3–5 m.), which make a dot massage effect. «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower 
 gives You not only a hydro massage but also a hydro puncture.! 

There is no vibration (there is just no device for it) so the skin does not distend, in addition it restores and becomes younger, because of improvement of the blood circulation. In letters, which we receive, it is said that distensions, cellulitis and vascular web disappear.

That is theoretically and practically impossible to create more effective device for hydro massage.
This with a special technology of making nozzles is the point of Alekseev invention. 
“Therapy without hydrotherapy – is an enfeeble therapy, which hides its impotence
underneath a large mountain of poisonous and useless drugs.”
A.S. Zalmanov “Sacred Knowledge Of Human Organism”. 

«Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) is ideal hydromassager. Changing the pressure of water You will get a wide range of influence – from a careful tingle 
to a powerful massage. 
«Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) is a real private doctor. It will redeem you from osteochondritis, varix, cellulitis, fatigue, vegetative dystonia and many other illnesses, which are combined with stress, distress, 
and hypodinamia. 


“We should forget labels of illnesses; first of all we need to restore our energetic balance: breath, blood circulation, food assimilation and secretion”. 

«Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) saves Your money. You will not need any expensive procedures at physiotherapist. In addition (if You have a water counter) you can save more water using even the most powerful massage..

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Specification of Hydromassage shower Alekseeva ekonom

Product Details
Product Code: Hydromassage shower Alekseeva
Weight 1.30kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 270.00mm x 180.00mm x 90.00mm

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