Vacuum therapy device Alvi Prague Т-01

(Product Code: AlviPrague Т-01)
Vacuum therapy device Alvi Prague Т-01
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Description of Vacuum therapy device Alvi Prague Т-01

Functions of the device:

  • vacuum massage (face, body, breast);
  • vacuum and roller massage (face, body).

Set includes:

  •    device Alvi Prague T-01;
  •    3 vacuum and roller nozzles of different diameter;
  •    manual instruction

The device has a possibility of additional nozzles connection. Appropriate nozzles can be bought additionaly.

Vacuum massage makes at the same time both therapeutic and cosmetology impact on a body and skin. Therefore at desire to solve cellulitis problems on a back surface of hips, in buttocks areas, to get rid of a notorious orange-peel, cosmetology sessions of vacuum massage will render you invaluable service. Such type of massage is effective as a treatment against a pains in a back, buttocks, hips, in the field of a neck, a lumbar and shoulder zone. Peripheral blood circulation becomes considerably more active under the influence of vacuum therapy device's, developments of stagnation in fabrics are liquidated, nutrition of muscles and skin improves. Due to vacuum's effect more intensive rush of blood and a lymph to bodies and fabrics is reached. It stimulates exchange and recovery processes in an organism. Skin becomes elastic, its tonus raises, reduction functions of muscles improve, mobility of ligaments system's  increased. The device of vacuum therapy, influencing skin, sharply strengthens exchange processes in fatty tissue. The lymphatic drainage effect of massage reduces hypostases, and this is one of necessary conditions of treatment of cellulitis. This method helps to stop pain syndromes quickly and without serious consequences at a number of various diseases, and also to warn them.

Care of breast:
 lifting of a breast, correction of a breasts shape, elasticity restoration.
Face care: removal of acne on a nose, comedones, circles and bags under eyes, developments of venous   stagnation, the second chin, a lifting  of corners of an  palpebral fissure.
Care of a body: improvement of the skin elasticity.
Care of stomach area: promotes loss of weight, provides lifting's effect of area of a stomach, buttocks and hips.
Therapeutic effect: stimulates improvement of a lymph circulation, drainage functions of an organism, acceleration of the general metabolism and fast removal of products of disintegration, toxins and the processed substances from an organism.

Tags: Vacuum therapy device and Diamond Microdermabrasion Alvi Prague Т-01

Specification of Vacuum therapy device Alvi Prague Т-01

Product Details
Product Code: AlviPrague Т-01
Weight 5.00kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 400.00mm x 300.00mm x 150.00mm

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