Series of "Eyelid Care"

Series of "Eyelid Care"

Blefarogel 1
Ex Tax: 5.88€
In Stock Product Code: Blefarogel 1
  An eyelid care product. Removes redness, itching, heaviness, effeciently cleanses the eyelids surface of scales and crusts, moisturizes the lid skin, mitigates fatigue, prevents stye. Geltek-Blepharon 1 is recommended for people who wear co..
Blefarogel 2
Ex Tax: 6.02€
In Stock Product Code: Blefarogel 2
  An indispensable tool for the treatment of eyelid demodicosis and blepharitis - inflammations of the eyelid edges accompanied by itching and loss of eyelashes. Geltek-Blepharon 2 contains sulfur which cleanses the gland outflow ducts on the..
Ex Tax: 9.24€
In Stock Product Code: Blefaroshampun
An eyelid make-up removal and cleaning (scales, crusts, dust) liquid. The water-soluble olive oil softens the skin, polyvinyl pyrrolidone efficiently cleanses the eyelids, chamomile contains many biologically active substances and trace nutrients t..
Ex Tax: 4.06€
In Stock Product Code: Blefaroloson
Eyelid care lotion. It cleans the eyelid skin, has antibacterial and antiedemic effects, improves metabolism and blood flow to the eyelid skin, cleans the gland outflow ducts on the edges of the eyelids and normalizes their secretion, increases ski..
Ex Tax: 9.00€
Out Of Stock Product Code: Blepharowipe
  A sterile cleansing product in a compact disposable package. Blepharowipe allows you to quickly and effectively cleanse the eyelids from contamination. Blepharowipe compresses reduce fatigue and the dry eye syndrome, reduce tear secretion d..
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