Series "Intensive"

Series "Intensive"

Active Lifting Serum
Ex Tax: 13€
In Stock Product Code: Active Lifting Serum
Active Skin Tightening Sculpting Serum has powerful lipolytic and skin tightening effects, smoothing the facial contours and making them more defined. It contains caffeine, which promotes active lymphatic drainage and lipolysis. A unique complex of..
Intensive-Revival Serum
Ex Tax: 10€
In Stock Product Code: Intensive-Revival Serum
Due to its unique composition, the serum reduces the depth of wrinkles, relieves inflammation, smoothes the skin and restores its turgor, making the face look younger. All of these changes are achieved via internal mechanisms of the body and are na..
Low-molecular hyaluronic acid 2% Gel-Concetrate
Ex Tax: 15€
In Stock Product Code: Gel-Concetrate
The main active ingredient of the concentrate gel is low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It easily penetrates the skin, actively affects wrinkles and smoothes them, and stimulates the skin cellsto produce natural hyaluronic acid. Due to its high ..
MioFix Gel
Ex Tax: 14€
In Stock Product Code: MioFix Gel
The gel quickly and effectively solves the problem of expresson lines - it has a mild muscle relaxant effect that reduces the depth of wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and restores its elasticity and tightness. One of the active components of the gel..
Miorelax Serum
Ex Tax: 19€
In Stock Product Code: Miorelax Serum
Miorelax is an intensive serum with a Botulinum Toxin A-resembling effect. It is designed to reduce the depth of existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones. Miorelax Serum contains Argireline peptide which is absorbed into the deepest ..
NEO Active Complex
Ex Tax: 14€
In Stock Product Code: NEO Active Complex
NEO Concentrate Lotion contains a unique phospholipid complex with dihydroquercetin, an agent created using nanotechnology. Due to the high concetration of the latter,the lotion has strong stimulating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing eff..
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