Delivery Information

SIA "Kongress" offers the following delivery options:

    1. The calculation of the price of delivery on the website is the information price and sipping costs are determined individually depending on the destination country and the size of the package.
    2. After placing an order the customer will be informed about the cost of transport by phone or by e-mail.
    3. Shipments abroad only realize prepaid account.



    Upon receipt of the consignment from the courier it is imperative to check the status and contents of the shipment.
    In case of damage or shipment of goods, they must state in the presence of the courier write damage protocol. The minutes must include the date, time of delivery, description of damage, make and model of the product. If, due to damage or aftermarket package delivered parcels doubts arise as to the state of its content - do not receive the shipment. After transferring to the Commercial Department, ie the set of documents: a copy of the damage and the bill of lading will be sent to your new merchandise. Couriers have the right to refuse the possibility of opening a consignment before payment, because their duty is only to deliver the shipment intact from the sender to the recipient. However, you can make the presence of the courier open the pack and download after payment receipt receipt of the package. In case of, even though the goods packaging intact inside is damaged, you should also write a report of the damage. Two ways of solving the above problems:
    After acceptance, write down of the damage and the employee notice of the Sales Department can you possibly agree with the merchant discount and send consignment damage report together with a signed declaration regarding the waiver of additional claims for the damages. At this point, you will be refunded the money corresponding to the agreed amount, lowering the value of the received goods. 
    after acceptance, write down of the damage and the employee notice of the Sales Department will send your complaint form to be returned to us completed and signed. Then sent to Active at the expense of the recipient:

    • defective goods,
    • all documentation and accessories factory,
    • factory packaging,
    • original letter of complaint.

    After delivery of the goods advertised for 14 days you will be sent new goods or returned goods and shipping costs. ATTENTION !

    If you do not save complaint procedures outlined above and will not be made together with the carrier damage report on the circumstance mechanical damage upon receipt of the shipment, the way the complaint is closed. Acceptance by your shipment without reservations will lapse of claims for loss, damage or non-compliance. Confirming receipt of buyer obtains ownership of the goods and all risks associated with the possession and use of the goods. Note: Kongress company is not party to the complaint procedure concerning the delivery of damaged goods to the customer if the customer ordered the receipt of the goods by courier or other carrier. In such a case, complaints regarding damage to goods customer care of yourself on your own.


Shipment standard size and weight

Pallet – parcel or parcels, properly fixed on the pallet
Weight: > 31.5 kg and ≤ 700 kg
Standard pallet size:  1.2 x 0.8 x 1.8 m
Maximal height of pallet (including pallet height): 1.80 m 
Minimal height (including pallet height): 1.00 m
If height of the pallet is less than 1.00 m, it’s considered to be a non standard unit.
Maximal number of pallets for one receiver: 5


Additional information

Volumetric data can also be used for price calculation in equivalent 1 m3 (CBM) = 250 kg on basis of largest indicator (weight or size).

Delivery of non standard and improperly packed units

 If pallet does not conform to standard size, it’s considered to be a large-size, non standard unit. If height of the pallet is less than 1.00 m, it’s considered to be a non standard unit. 
Service fee is standard price + 50%.

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