Diode laser HM-D100 Small, 808nm

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Diode laser HM-D100 Small, 808nm
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Description of Diode laser HM-D100 Small, 808nm

Small but mighty: the professional laser hair removal device Diode Laser HM-D100 Small,  808nm  has incredible power and 808 nm wavelengths, while still being smaller than most diode laser devices.

It is the compact version of a laser for permanent hair removal and not only beautifies your portfolio of possible treatments, but also your treatment rooms with its stylish design. In addition, the HM-D100 Small,  808nm  diode laser is a space-saving option for adding a device to your cosmetic studio, beauty salon or practice without sacrificing quality.

How the HM-D100 Small,  808nm  diode laser works
Treatment with this device is completely pain-free and very efficient, as the heat destroys the hair roots from the inside, which prevents future hair growth. In order to give your customers wonderful, long-lasting results, buy this laser hair removal device: with us the costs are at a really low price level.

Light source Diode Laser wavelength 808nm

Screen 8 inch color touch

Input voltage AC110 v/220v 50-60Hz

Pulse frequency 1-20 Hz

Energy Density 44 J / cm2

Treatment mode intelligent mode

Spot Size 10*12mm

Powder 200W

Cooling System Fans+ TEC+ Contact Cooling System

Continuously Working

Time 48h

Lifespan 20,000,000 shots guarantee

Machine size 33*26*13cm

G.W 2 KG

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Specification of Diode laser HM-D100 Small, 808nm

Product Details
Product Code: L100001
Weight 2.00kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 30.00cm x 40.00cm x 20.00cm

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