Apparatus Skin Scrubber 1001

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Apparatus Skin Scrubber  1001
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Description of Apparatus Skin Scrubber 1001

Description Apparatus Skin Scrubber 

Ultrasound face cleaning

Ultrasound face cleaning is a procedure of face cleaning with ultrasonic scrubber, which allows to deeply clean the skin from soiling, keratinized cells, skin fat, sebaceous glands’ occlusions, comedos. This type of cleaning is painless and, unlike the mechanical way, doesn’t leave visible tracks like reddening and puffiness on the skin. Ultrasound cleaning is used on face and also in shoulder and back area. The average duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes.


Advantages of ultrasound cleaning

There are different types of face cleaning, and the basic ones are mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and hardware cleaning, which includes ultrasound, vacuum, galvanic face cleaning, etc. 

Up-to-date cosmetology, which is incredibly raised by high technologies, appreciated the advantages of ultrasound. Causing revitalizing and rejuvenating effect, it has a range of additional advantages, unlike other treatment methods: it doesn’t press or stretch the skin, does not harm its upper layer (hand pressure traumatizing skin is not required during ultrasound therapy). 

Microvibration caused by ultrasound accomplished the function of cellular level micromassage. Blood contents are improved, immunity is raised, metabolism is activated, tissue regeneration (restoring) is stumilated. Ultrasound activates oxidizing and rejuvenating processes, supports formation of collagen and elastin. 

Unlike other cleaning methods, ultrasound removes only old cells completely without traumatizing new, younger ones. While running the procedure of ultrasound peeling, skin cleaning takes place, due to which natural skin moisturizing is improved. As a result of very thorough and gentle ultrasound impact upper layer of epidermis is renewed, and skin becomes surprisingly soft, fresh and restored. Face looks younger, surface wrinkles are smoother. Besides, ultrasound peeling supports entering different cosmetic preparations into the skin.


Up-to-date face cleaning doesn’t cause discomfort due to ultrasound. Skin is treated with special preparations, which maximally open pores and dissolve skin fat. After that it’s possible to remove dead cells and inflammatory tissues softly and painlessly with ultrasound. After all the procedures special creams or masks chosen individually according to the state of the skin are spread over it. The procedure ends with applying calming and drying preparations for you to be able to go even for a date from the cosmetology clinic, and there will be absolutely no tracks of impact on the skin.

Ultrasound phonophoresis is a method of hardware cosmetology based on impacting tissues with high-frequency sound waves. Under the impact of ultrasound, activation of cellular exchange and lymph drenage takes place. The procedure is comfortable and very effective, because it allows medical treatments with macromolecular structure to successfully pass through skin barrier under the impact of ultrasound acoustic pressure.

Ultraphonophoresis is run during ultrasound face cleaning or separately. This is a procedure which combines entering nutrients into skin and running micromassage and lymph dremage. Ultraphonophoresis is used for any skin type and any age categories, only machine’s working modes are changed (for sensitive skin and for skin with widened capillaries, impulse – non-heating – mode is used). 

Ultrasound tones muscles, causing lifting effect, runs tissue massage on cellular level, phonophoresisi allows entering precious cosmetology nutrients into cells. Rejuvenating effect is also caused due to micro-heating tissures, improving nutrition and supplying oxygen into face muscles and skin.

As an advantage of ultrasound procedures, it’s worth noticing that the impact of entered cosmetology preparation goes on during several days after the procedure. To solve problems of greasy skin and skin infected with acne, ultrasound with its anti-inflammatory effect, as well as softening and smoothing post-traumatic scars and consolidations (‘suction’ effect), is used. After some procedures skin greasiness noticeably reduces, face pores narrow down, basic skin structure is improved. 

Ultrasound massage is a hardware method based on the impact of high-frequency sound waves. 

Ultrasound massage fits for treating practically any skin. Ultrasound massage removes spasms and edemas, smoothes wrinkles, improves penetration and impact of any cosmetic preparations. It doesn’t traumatize or stretch the skin. It is so delicate that it can be used for massage around eyes and lips. When used regularly, ultrasound massage helps to clean and bleach face skin, get rid of wrinkles and looseness of the face skin, enter biologically active preparations and cosmetology substances into deeper skin layers. The results of clinical experiments showed more than 30% increase of elastin and collage fiber amount in deeper layers of derma after running a course of ultrasound massage and skin ionization.

Technical parameters:

• The oscillation frequency of the ultrasonic blades: 27-28 kHz ± 4.
• Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz; 100-120 / 60 Hz.
• Frequency: 50-60 Hz.
• Power: 100 Watts. 

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Specification of Apparatus Skin Scrubber 1001

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Product Code: AP SK-1001
Weight 2.00kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 35.00cm x 21.00cm x 6.00cm

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